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Wordle strategies

Like many folks, I’ve jumped into playing the “Wordle” daily word-puzzle. I think what impresses me most about it is that, not only is the game engaging, it also doesn’t appear to be monetized. (It does utilize the Google Tag Manager, but that just seems to be so the game’s creator can find out how many people are playing it — answer: A LOT!)

My usual approach to the puzzle is to start with something like STARE; a word with a lot of common letters. Assuming I get any letters right, my next step is to think up another word which uses those letters as my next guess, and so on.

Today, I used a different strategy. My first guess yielded three letters (albeit, with none in the correct position). For my second guess, I used five entirely different letters. This time I had two letters right, and one of them in the correct position.

At this point, I had all five letters; I just had to figure out where four of them belonged. And I was able to solve the puzzle in three guesses. (It generally takes me four guesses, sometimes five.)

I’ll need to consider whether to continue with this strategy or go back to the old one.

What strategy do you use?

Wordle 211 3/6