An unidentified woman, pavlov, and one of his dogs.

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Oh, the random stuff that pops into my brain…. What was the name of Pavlov’s dog?

Turns out I’m not the first to wonder that. In 1992, a researcher named Tim Tully went to Russia to visit the last location where Pavlov worked and wrote an article about his search for the dogs’ names (it turns out there were at least 40).

The article includes photos of the dogs, with their names (technically, photos of the photos in an album), but only lists a few of them in the article text.

Doing a bit more searching I found a Quora article which has the full list of the dogs’ names. Some of them translate as names we might give dogs today (Buddy, Clown, Jack, and the like).

  1. Bierka
  2. Nalyot
  3. Golovan
  4. Arap
  5. Arleekin (Clown)
  6. Avgust
  7. Baikal
  8. Barbus (Big Dog)
  9. Box
  10. Chingis Kahn
  11. Chyorny (Black)
  12. Diana
  13. Drujok (Buddy)
  14. Ikar
  15. Iks (X)
  16. Jack
  17. Joy
  18. Jurka
  19. Krasavietz (Beauty)
  20. Laska (Ferret)
  21. Lyadi (Lady)
  22. Martik
  23. Mikah (Nice Girl)
  24. Milord
  25. Moladietz (Good Boy)
  26. Murashka (Cute Little Thing)
  27. Nord
  28. Norka (Mink)
  29. Novichok (New One)
  30. Pastrel (Fast One)
  31. Pingiel
  32. Rex
  33. Rijiy I
  34. Rijiy II
  35. Rogdi (Old Russian Prince)
  36. Ruslan
  37. Tungus
  38. Umnitza
  39. Valiet (Jack)
  40. Zloday (Thief)