Tracking Billionaires’ Planes

So, this is fun. CNet did a story about a college kid wrote a bot to track the whereabouts of Elon Musk’s private plane and post it on Twitter. Musk offered him $5,000 to take it down, the kid counter-offered, asking for an internship, but Musk apparently wasn’t interested.

So, the kid now has an online store selling merchandise with an image of Musk smoking “something” with the slogan, “I know how high Elon is.”

So, would you like to know the location of Elon Musk’s plane?

Not interested in Elon Musk? He also has trackers for the planes belonging to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. (It looks like he’s set up trackers for a number of other planes as well.)

(Photo via flickr user Anna Zvereva, used under CC BY-SA 2.0